Code of conduct

This code of conduct applies to all visitors of Clive. Its goal is to ensure your safety in our club, which is very important to us.

Minimum age: 18 years.

Visitors under 18 will be denied access. We reserve the right to ask you your ID card, so if you are planning to visit Clive, don’t forget to bring a VALID and original ID.

Dress Code

We attach great importance to a well-kept appearance. Appropriate and dignified clothing is required. Following list of garment is deemed inappropriate and not allowed :

  • Sports clothes: football shirts, tracksuits, sneakers
  • Caps
  • Messy and thorn T-shirts or pants
  • Flip flops and flats

Access Control

The security ensures a homogeneous composition of the audience, which ensures a good and relaxed atmosphere.
If we consider it necessary, you can be searched for drinks, weapons and drugs. If you refuse this check, we reserve the right to deny you access to the club.

Drugs and weapons

We deny access to people in possession / under the influence of drugs. Drug use is strictly prohibited inside and outside the club. No excuses. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy access to people in possession of weapons, pepper spray, knives and other dangerous objects will be refused. Furthermore, the weapons can be confiscated. The decision of the host on this matter is binding.

Disorderly conduct and disturbing the atmosphere

At Clive we attach great importance to a good atmosphere. That is why the following rules apply:

  • We deny access to people in a state of drunkenness
  • No access to people who caused difficulties in the past or who were involved in a fight at Clive or other hospitality establishments
  • People who are excessively noisy or disrupt the atmosphere are at risk of a sanction and can be expelled
  • Access will be denied to people who, in whatever form, bring along fields of tension and / or aggressiveness
  • In case of disagreement or a fight, we ask you to immediately inform the security team.

Racism, discrimination and intimidation

Any Form of racism, discrimination and intimidation is strictly prohibited at Clive.
Racist, facist and sexist remarks, sexual harrassment, annoying, offensive/aggressive and discriminatory behavior are reasons for removal from the club.

Property of the club

Anyone who damages the club’s property, in- outside, can be held responsible for repairing or renewing it.

Use of the cloakroom

As a safety precaution it is mandatory to check in coats, handbags, backpacks, rain covers,
helmets to the cloakroom. Make sure to carefully store your ticket, beause your property can’t be returned without proof.

Use of the toilets

It is prohibited to use one toilet cubicle with several persons.


Smoking is not allowed in the club. We put our ‘smoke & social room’ PANAMA at your disposal if you wish to smoke.

Security cameras

We use security cameras and other security equipment, both inside and outside the club.
As a visitor of Clive, you agree to being filmed and/or photographed and you give us the right to use the recordings and show them to third parties. You hereby waive the right to compensation. The recordings can be used to show to the police or other parties in case of accidents, acts of violence or emergencies.

Filming and taking photos in the club Clive

It is not allowed to film or take photographs without the prior written consent of the operator or the person in charge of the club.
During our events, a house photographer will be present to take pictures, that will be put on our facebookfanpage. We will also broadcast regularly livestreams. By entering the club, you agree to being filmed or photographed and that these photographs and films may be distributed on the net. You waive your right to compensation.

Promotional activities and selling of goods

It is absolutely not allowed to trade, sell or distribute goods of any kind in or around the club, nor to hand out promotional material (flyers, posters, etc.) without written consent.

Consumption of drinks and/or food

You may only consume your drinks in Clive. It is forbidden to take glasses or bottles outside.
You may not bring your own drinks or food inside or outside (parking) the club.

When leaving


When leaving Clive, please:

  • Do not engage in acts of vandalism,
  • Show respect for our neighbours : do not cause noise nuisance
  • do not drink and drive

In case of a violation

  • Violation of the code of conduct can lead to removal from the club, without refund of your entry and/or parking ticket.
  • For inappropriate behaviour which is not described in this code of conduct, the management decides on possible measures to be taken.
  • People who are permanantly banned are reported to the police
  • Offenses will be always reported to the police and we will give a description of the offender.


The club can not be held liable for any injuries, material and immaterial damage. We can not be held responisible for damage, theft or loss of items or their contents in our cloackroom. Make sure to remove all valuables, before checking in your coat or bag.

In the club, due to fallen glass and despite our precautions and cleaning, there may still be a shard or piece of glass on the floor. Customers must therefore always keep their shoes on. We can not be held responsible for any accidents and injuries that occur as a result of not wearing shoes or wearing inappropriate footwear.